A new direction

In the four months since Hot Pursuit hit the shelves I’ve been busily working on a number of different projects, and I’m excited to say that one of these projects will be published in 2019.

Since I started writing, I’ve always wanted to write issues-based novels… stories that address themes that are important to me, that make people think, that have flawed characters, that are dark and unflinching, but ultimately hopeful.

I really enjoyed writing Hot Pursuit, but I’ve always been attracted to these darker themes, and so I’ve made the decision to move my writing career in this direction from here on.

I’m finishing off structural edits for my next novel, Misconception, which is a story about about grief, addiction, family and identity. It’s the book I’ve always wanted to write, and I’m so pleased that it’ll have it’s place in the light, and so grateful to my publisher, Pantera Press, for taking a chance on it and for their guidance in helping me to transform it into something I can be proud of.

In Hot Water, the sequel to Hot Pursuit, will still be released in the future, when the time is right. Misconception will likely come out next winter, but I look forward to sharing more about that in the coming months.

In the meantime, I’m in plotting mode for my next book – the fun never ends!

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