Words I enjoy

I get a lot of pleasure out of words. Lame, I know. I’m a self-confessed word nerd. Ask my workmates – I got wildly excited when my 4th edition Macquarie Thesaurus arrived, a prudent, yet (for me) luxurious pre-end-of-financial-year-we’ve-still-got-some-money-left-in-the-budget-so-we-might-as-well-spend-it purchase.

So, I really love words. Here are some of the words I particularly enjoy. This list is not exhaustive:

  • continuity
  • concatenate (OK, so I only found this word when learning how to use Microsoft Excel and I’ve never actually used it in a sentence, but I like it nevertheless)
  • vacillate
  • subversive
  • albeit
  • absurd
  • retort
  • riposte
  • intensity (should always be followed up with the words ‘in 10 cities’)
  • lexicon
  • utilitarian
  • investigative
  • juxtapose
  • fiery
  • prodigious
  • surreptitious
  • divulge
  • trepidation
  • pallor
  • devious
  • antagonistic
  • yearn
  • turbulent
  • detestable
  • caress
  • evident
  • linger
  • pursue
  • resonate
  • anticipation (always makes me think of the Rocky Horror Picture Show – antici……….pation)
  • ruminate
  • exultant
  • shrewd
  • languid
  • veritable
There are many more, but these are just a few of the words that make me happy. Small things.

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