Hot Pursuit has a cover!

It’s been an eventful month in the book stakes as the publication date for Hot Pursuit inches closer.

In big news, I was finally able to announce that the book will be published in Germany in late 2018/early 2019 by Heyne Verlag, which is part of Random House. This is really exciting for a debut novel to be published overseas, and I can’t wait to see Hot Pursuit in German!

I’ve also just completed book two in my series and sent it off to my editor, so crossing fingers that it’ll be well-received and I might be able to make another announcement in coming months!

Yesterday I had the very exciting job of unveiling the awesome cover design for Hot Pursuit. It’s an amazing feeling to see the story I’ve had in my head for close to 10 years looking like a real life book – I can only imagine how awesome it’s going to be to see the real thing… and even better still to see it on the shelves in bookshops next May! It’s such a great-looking cover too that I can’t stop looking at it!

Now it’s out there things are moving along… I’ve got an author page on the Pantera Press website and you can read the blurb for Hot Pursuit and even pre-order it now if you’re feeling really keen!

As exciting as it is to show off and start to promote my book, I’m always most comfortable when I’m in my own head and writing, so now book two is out of my hands (for now), I’m back to redrafting a stand-alone novel and thinking about plot lines for book three.

So here it is – the cover for Hot Pursuit!

Instagram_Cover Reveal_Hot Pursuit_Freeborn

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